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CGI Library for C  v.1.1

Decodes CGI data from standard input, $QUERY_STRING , and $HTTP_COOKIE. Stores data in lookup table(s) for easy retrieval. Uploads files by copying directly to files created with mkstemp(). Has several handy string conversion

Dbback - MySQL back-up manager  v.1.0

PHP based MySQL database back-up manager. It reads database structure/data and makes .sqlback-up files. The main features of the package are one/multiple database back-up creation, one/multiple .sql file restore, delete sql

DsBudget  v.2.0.22

dsBudget is a personal financial management / budgeting application. It runs and stores data locally so you don't have to login or trust someone to look over your data. It runs on all major platforms, and supports all international currencies and

Miner Mole  v.rc

Miner Mole is an advanced desktop search utility. It collects, parses and stores data about files, folders, users or any other information that can be obtained from a computer, for fast and accurate information

MyMusicDB  v.b.0.1.beta

MyMusicDB stores data about music files. It has a web based user interface, with a password protected admin

NetWindow Serializer  v.rc

netWindow Serializer stores data contained in multiple web-browser windows automatically into a single data-file. It can also be used to recover web-browser windows in the event of system restart. Used as a file-archiving, book-marking and recovery

SIWT: Sudo Inventory Web Tool  v.1.0

Sudo inventory web-tool (SIWT) is a web interface to view and administer information related to /etc/sudoers files on multiple servers. The database contains data on servers, users, aliases, dates, etc. This tool is helpful for internal

Thumbnail Steganography  v.0.2.0

Thumbnail steganography creates a thumbnail from a source image and stores data in it by altering it's color channels. To decipher the data, a new thumbnail is made from the original image and the differences between the pixels are

VeloAce  v.2009.6

Bike Computer System for Palm OS. Provides detailed data views, logging to database, trip data estimation, trainer with Top 10 laps, graphical speedometer. Supports km/h and mph units. The wheel sensor is simply connected over RS232 or even

SM_Backend  v.1.0

SM Backend is an API that validates and stores data for youth groups. It provides a common backend application that enables other developers to write front ends which interface with it to produce programs and tools for managing youth group data.

DataScythe Roleplaying Suite  v.1.0

DataScythe is a roleplaying solution designed to manage characters, maps, and statistics, and includes an in-game "GM toolbox." It is written in PHP and utilizes a MySQL database for data storage.

LDAP Group Manager  v.1.0

A Python/Gtk application to manage groups of users stored in an LDAP database, using data from X509 certificates imported from files or LDAP servers maintained by certificate authorities. These groups are used to create grid-map files used by the Globus

Navnebror DB IDE  v.1.0

The idea is to have an unique UI, that don't depends the engine, and have the functionalities that a developer need: export, explore database, generate data, edit, and many others.

OpenCMDB  v.1.0

ITIL Rules Based Configuration Management Database. An OpenSource initiative to develop a complete CMDB for all. This will include a software package to harness a many to many concept for database administration, data extraction and reporting mechinisms.

BikeManager  v.1.0

Bike Manager is a managment software for bikers and other sports. Support most of the modern features: * database * statistics * data comparison * athletes history * integration with Google Maps * many hearth-rate devices support * weather report

Cufflinks sqlite importer  v.1.0

A simple tool to import the diff, gtf and tracking files from cufflinks, cuffcompare, cuffdiff into a new sqlite database for data mining.

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